Yoikol´s new album, “Form And Void” (808 Recordings, 2015), brings us face to face with his musical reality. This is the first step of a change that, in a natural way but consciously, gets away from stereotypes and Classics. With this collection, Yoikol perfectly depicts his long and fruitful journey through de core of a sound that has been evolving and adapting to new personal and artistic circumstances. We may appreciate a retrospective look that assumes the future as something attached to “Techno” and the artist´s style above all.

The nine tracks that are included in “Form And Void” create a storm of feelings where the analogical and digital, the physical and mental, and the industrial and the “darky” coexist. Pads and kicks are the basis of this fantastical techno that is sometimes acid or houssy, but always industrial. This lover of the Roland sound, thanks to the TR-909 and mainly to the TR-808, has created the soul of this album with a few tracks which have been produced chronologically and two by two except his track number 6 “Eire”, with which Yoikol wanted to experiment and to trigger his imagination.

Yoikol is always searching a mental hit and he bets high with a techno album in a digital era. It is published in 808 Recordings as it is his own label, but it is more than that; it is like his music, it is a life style. We are before a guy that plays techno because he cannot live without it. Music is his disease and playing the beats is a necessary therapy for him.