808 Recordings Podcast Pres. PEG aka Javier Algarra [022]


The podcast of 808 Recordings, transmitted as electronic music feel our artists, his most personal viewpoint.

Javier Algarra (@Peg_music) has been on the move for years now, all the while maintaining his roots in the spanish club scene. Javier started producing and releasing on Mintgum Records and dj at Family Club. And now for his first EP on Resopal, Javier takes a step further into the musical spectrum. ‘Salomon EP’ is a nimble reduced techno EP with four accented tracks. All driven by a powerful rolling bass line, a textbook example of ‘less is more’. A truly rockin’ EP from a truly versatile producer. We’re sure you’ll hear more in the future. Now PEG is the future.

Peg: www.facebook.com/Peg-760093344124960/
808 Recordings: www.facebook.com/808recordings



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